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Dair Deckert’s colorful impressionistic paintings envelop the viewer. Creating a pause from stress. A chance to reflect and renew.

Our unpleasant experiences stick like duct tape. Positive experiences are Teflon. Or, worse, we may not pause enough to notice them.

We can rewire our brains. And improve both our moods and health by pausing, noticing beauty and experiencing calm. Her paintings promote mindfulness and will enhance your wellbeing.

Her paintings were recently described as:

“multi-layered colorful landscapes that envelop

the viewer and appear almost three dimensional.”

Dair has been represented by galleries across the country. Supplementing her years at the University of Michigan she continued her art studies in the Far East and Europe. She is in both corporate and personal collections in the USA, Europe and Thailand.

I invite you to take a look. 

Contact the artist: dairart@mac.com  Dair Deckert’s incredible paintings can be shipped to your home. Joy and peace await.


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