Welcome to dairart


I just have to paint. Why?

I am fascinated by colors and beauty often missed with a quick glance.

My goal is to capture color and increase appreciation for God’s creation. 

My paintings evolve slowly from many layers of color.

I journey without a clear road map. Some layers seem ruinous. Yet, as I persevere those seeming missteps provide a foundation for the flowing beautiful colors of my landscapes. They teach me all lasting growth is incremental.

My paintings were recently described as:

“multi-layered colorful landscapes that envelop

the viewer and appear almost three dimensional.”

My paintings are in both private and corporate collections across the country.

I invite you to take a look and consider a few paintings.

Dair Deckert

contact me: dairart@mac.com            

I hope to share a bit of peace with you. And joy.

All paintings and photographs on this web site are copyright protected.